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Have you ever heard of?

Have you ever heard of the expression trailing spouse?   


Have you ever heard the expression trailing spouse?  No? well me neither. I was shocked and to be very honest I still am. How can a term like that cause me so much sorrow? What is trailing about the following?

Moving to a new location is very exciting at first, the search for a new home the imagination set alight by positive opportunities however often after reality sets in the trailing spouse starts to have a rough time.

Imagine this if you can please –

The person accepting the job whose career has naturally taken a change in direction would arrive and quickly be welcomed into a new team. Perhaps followed by new opportunities to develop themselves in a multitude of options. But then what happens to the spouse?

Would the spouse be alone in a new country where she/ he didn’t speak the language? Left unsupported to organize the move, the children schooling etc. Fast forward some years and, it’s easy to see how various challenges could set in. Isn’t it vital that the partner finds their voice, gets support and not just for the first few months. Additionally encouraged to find a new purpose, a new network or even a job.

I help quiet women to speak up, uncover and own their voice and find their unique and powerful messages with heart to heart coaching. So that they can engage audiences, share their ideas, impress others in all social and business situations and speak up.