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Preparation the day before (brings peace and calm)

  1. Know your audience
  2. Prepare an outline of what you want to say 
  3. Prepare an incredible opening and ending
  4. Have a backup plan if there are technical difficulties
  5. Use stories, and don’t forget your call to action
  6. Dress for the occasion
  7. Use a prop
  8. Practise on your own
  9. Record yourself, then watch it
  10. Remember all skills take practice


 60 minutes before 

  1. Focus on past successes 
  2. Listen to one of your favourite pieces of music
  3. Talk a quick walk outside
  4. Get a  bottle or glass of water
  5. Get to your location early 
  6. Do a vocal warm-up
  7. Check the whiteboard has pens
  8. Practice gratitude 
  9. Set up your equipment and test it
  10. Focus on giving a gift 


10 minutes before

  1. Check your appearance       
  2. Go to the toilet 
  3. Introduce yourself to some of the audience and ask them questions
  4. Drink some water
  5. Test the microphone if using one
  6.  If you must use notes, use them confidently
  7.  Remember the fact that they don’t know what you will say
  8.  Shake out any tension
  9.  Ground yourself
  10. Remember you won’t die

2 second video of glamour woman looking into the audience

Body language

  1. Look at your audience
  2. Smile
  3. Stand tall and check your posture
  4. Stand away from any furniture that blocks you
  5. Flash your eyebrows for more engagement
  6. Maintain open body language
  7. Talk to the people, not your notes
  8. Lean in
  9. Pause and connect with your eyes
  10. Unclench your jaw
  11. Keep knees unlocked
  12. Synchronise your words with your body
  13. Prompt your audience with gestures
  14. Use descriptive gestures
  15. Move toward the audience
  16. Don’t fidget with objects
  17. Release your abdominal muscles
  18. Look like you are enjoying the experience
  19. Make your arms do some work
  20. Be careful of specific hand gestures


Voice power

  1. Pause before delivering a punch line
  2. Reduce urms and ars and filler words
  3. Stop long enough for your audience to ingest
  4. Vary your voice
  5. Remain authentic
  6. Slow it down
  7. Project your voice
  8. Talk from your belly
  9. Focus on breath
  10. Be aware of your delivery


In the webinar/ training/ presentation

  1. Welcome everyone and introduce yourself
  2. Be enthusiastic and check your energy levels.
  3. State and describe what your presentation/ talk is about
  4. Explain why this talk is relevant
  5. Use signposting phrases or sentences
  6. Highlight importance information
  7. Paraphrase if necessary
  8. If you wander from your talk, state it so and direct the exchange back to what it was you wanted to say
  9. Go with the flow
  10. Get engagement and use humour appropriately
  11. Be direct
  12. Adjust to the audience
  13. Use the tools for the visual learners
  14. Get to the point
  15. Use open questions and invite your audience to answer
  16. Use rhetoric questions and answer them yourself
  17. Let your audience read for themselves, then talk
  18. Keep things simple
  19. Summarise and thank your audience
  20. Ask your audience, if they have any questions


Online audience

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Look at the camera as much as possible
  3. Invest in a desk you can stand up at
  4. Check your mic and camera ( invest in good quality)
  5. Position your desk to have a wall behind you
  6. Make the wall behind you pleasant to look at
  7. Check your lighting
  8. Make sure your audience is familiar with the tools and what you expect of them.
  9. Create a working environment where you won’t be disturbed
  10. Have fun

Nice to have

  1. Reflect on the session
  2. Write some love notes to yourself on what went well
  3. Write some notes to yourself on what you could improve
  4. Find that good buddy to give you some feedback
  5. Celebrate the moment by sharing the experience with someone who cares
  6. Permit yourself to forget any moments you didn’t feel went well
  7. Make a note to yourself to try the same prepared presentation/ talk again
  8. Treat yourself to a sauna/ warm bath/ or glass of bubbly
  9. Voice out loud and in front of the mirror, “Yes, I did it !”
  10. Tell yourself that this is going to happen again


Need any help with an important presentation? Do you have a big opportunity to really shine in front of an audience and need some feedback? I’d love for you to book a discovery call, where we could find out if I can help and how we could take this forward.