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I chose to take on the role of becoming a motherĀ 

  • One of the greatest roles a person could be given.
  • A role that would move mountains if I had to.
  • A role that shapes future generations.

But what a struggle to do this and earn enough to be independent

I ask myself the following

  • Who takes a day off work to look after a sick child?
  • Who is currently juggling full or part-time work with homeschooling?
  • Who’s pension contributions long term isn’t adding up to much?
  • What happens to the children when one or both parents gets corona?
  • What labour market is set up for women who want to have children and support them 100%?
  • What can be done to help approximately 30 % of the population in Europe ( families) who are currently responsible for future generations?


By speaking up about all of these situations can changes be made?

I doubt it.

How’s about speaking up louder and more often.

Don’t we owe this to our future selves and future generations?

I help quiet women to speak up, uncover and own their voice and find their unique and powerful messages with heart to heart coaching. So that they can engage audiences, share their ideas, impress others in all social and business situations and speak up.