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“I just had them,” she shouted, frantically searching her pockets for the missing thing.


Personally, that missing thing for me is my own set of keys. Currently, my car key doesn’t even have a loop to attach to my house keys. This makes the situation doubly problematic. 

What do you misplace when you get lost in “being busy”?


When was the last time you pressed pause here? You’re most likely caught in this messy race like the rest of us. Especially when you remember, you’re part of this human race and not a super robot.

Before you can even think of finding a way out, you need to take a break, take a deep breath and find some pattern to interrupt the treadmill you are on. 

The good news is that it’s not too late to change things.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through how to set some guidelines for yourself for when the thing you “just had” but can’t put your hands on is you and your life.

In my twenties and thirties, life just happened to me. Apart from education, I fell into everything I did. 

  • Qualifying as a Theatrical Costume maker in Liverpool and getting my first job in Edinburgh, a city I loved
  • Moving abroad, away from one country’s culture and immersing myself in two new ones 
  • Having two babies wasn’t enough, so then there were three. ( all grown up now)
  • Finding and losing three loves of my life and spectacular saving the best for last ( we are so compatible and celebrating three years together)

I never intentionally sat down and thought about planning my life. Nor did I ever want to follow a plan. However, I never realised that by understanding my values, decisions would be so much easier.

There is nothing wrong with being a passenger in the journey of life, although how much more fun it would be to be the driver? (Take a moment here and use your imagination which vehicle that would be.)

Mines a huge camper bus!


campervans in the mountains

 Wisdom and hindsight have taught me that intentionally setting principles or guidelines means you are more likely to stay truthful to yourself. Additionally, the more we speak and remind yourselves of our potency and brilliance, the more tangible it is.

Creating a manifesto for yourself will allow you to keep track of the things that matter most to you. This will be your guide to help you stay true to yourself amidst the daily hustle and bustle of life. It will also remind you of the values, beliefs and goals you want to prioritize and focus on. Whether it’s your career, relationships, health, or anything else, your manifesto will ensure that you stay focused on what’s important, even when things get hectic and the missing thing is you. Take the time to write out your manifesto and start living a life that is intentional, meaningful, and in line with your values. You’ll be amazed at the clarity and peace of mind that it brings.



My manifesto ( or how to find my keys)


Acceptance of self


  • You will accept your quiet nature and your need for quiet time. Half of the world is quiet, and it’s often overlooked as they are happy to be so.


  • You will speak up when you know you are right. This is every human being’s right
  • You will voice your needs when you want something better
  • You will listen to yourself when you sense you want something more.
  • You will have an open will by opening up to the magic you have inside. 
  • You will recognize your light that shines brightly inside of you. 
  • You will pay attention to your intuition and allow this to guide everything you do.


No one is perfect

  • You will have an open mind by suspending judgement of yourself and others. See people with fresh eyes, new perspectives and not focus on what is familiar.
  • You will let go of excess baggage and forgive those who have hurt you, therefore, giving yourself grace and peacefulness.
  • You will value all of who you are and accept compliments when they happen.
  • You will speak your truth, unlock the power of your voice and keep it clear and concise.

Game-changing starts with oneself.


  • You will take time for yourself daily. Start and end the day with an excellent warm drink without distractions, and yes, that means putting your phone down
  • You will remember that your courageous actions will influence others and future generations and be comfortable that people won’t consistently recognise this.
  • You will have an open heart by embracing emotions and when you need to sit with them. You will be kind to yourself and continue to give yourself compassion, kindness, warmth and generosity.


      It doesn’t matter if you’re constantly losing your keys ( remember the forgiving ), but what does matter is berating yourself for not living a healthy, meaningful, purposeful, decision making peaceful life.


      What are the rules you’d like to live by?  

      Grab a cuppa, get some paper and a pen and write them out now. Whatever busy thing you are about to move on to can likely wait for 10 minutes. Time enough to get your first draft? If it can’t happen now, then schedule time into your calendar to do this.


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