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My Story

Do any of these situations tick your boxes

  • Juggling family life, career challenges and living in a super busy world we can often forget to allow ourselves time to express our emotions. When we shut down and try to control our emotions, we do ourselves more harm than good. Holding things in only leads to additional stress, higher blood pressure, and other negative physical effects. Instead, you could start to look for ways to express how you feel. Get into deep conversation with others. All of these will help you to come to a better understanding of how you feel and will aid in letting go of negativity

  • Between worries about health, finances, family, and all those things we cannot control such as world events, it can be very difficult to practice self-care. It’s hard to think about ourselves when we are worried or experiencing upheaval. At the same time, it’s more important than ever to practice self-care during times such as these and speaking up about it.

  • We all have things we want to do in our lives. When we’re caught up with someone else, it’s easy to forget these. Whether in a romantic relationship, acting as a caregiver, or just caught up in being a parent, goals seem to fall by the wayside. Remembering those goals, and making a little time to work toward them every day does wonders for your mental health, and helps to remind you your dreams have just as much value as anyone else’s.


 I have experienced many of the above problems and now as a certified coach I’d like to help you with these situations too.

Complimentary Clarity Call

Please feel free to contact me and ask away about how I can help you. 

You can re-invent your life, but nobody is saying it's going to be easy.

Stop living in the past and move to a heroic future.

Clarity, focus, perseverance and giving back is what we need.

About me

Hi I’m Jane an open, supportive, calm, understanding mother of three. I’m also quite quiet, have strong leadership potential and super listening skills which in turn has often led to me not making myself heard. 



This resulted in affecting my confidence. 


Around 8 years ago, I started on the path to unlocking my potential by diving into personal development and at first became a Certified Business Language Trainer and then a Certified  Coach. 

My biggest wish now is to share my wisdom, and motivate women to do what they want and to be who they want to be.

Coaching will help you understand that you can live the life you want to lead, you are not alone and you can work on building a home from the inside out. 

Being compassionate with yourself is a core message in life coaching sessions.

Finally, some more things to know about me. 

Things I do

  • I started out as a professional Theatrical Costumier. In the past, I have made corsets to hats and still enjoy making special outfits now and then. 
  • I live in the beautiful south of Germany with my three grownup-ish children and a Golden Retriever. 
  • I love to swim, cycle, travel, take photographs and cook creatively.                                                                                                                                    

Would you like to take and talk through the initial steps towards becoming more of who you are?