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Would you like to live a  fulfilled life abroad?

Are you struggling to feel at home in your new life in your new country?

I’m a certified personal development coach with a cognitive behavior therapist qualification. My biggest wish now is to guide you to take the initial steps towards doing what you want and being who you want to be.

 I work with women who

  • opt-in to creating big shifts in their personal or professional lives
  • want to be guided by someone they can trust
  • need to feel more of a balance between thriving at work and being a great mother
  • have made a powerful decision to change what currently isn’t working
  • need navigation and minimize the stresses of relocating

Encouraging brave uprooted women to find peace and harmony and get back on track.


“During my coaching sessions with Jane, we used different tools originating in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I found Jane very supportive and flexible throughout all of our conversations.  I see now that everything we did as being a very valuable step towards understanding my challenges and I am continuing to develop successful strategies when addressing them.


Making Space

No, I don’t mean decluttering your house, I’m referring to you. Exploring your life and restoring a balance helps you see the larger picture.  This, in turn, gives some clarity and makes space for focusing on the areas that need your attention.


Now we have some space it’s time to re-design. Personal development, life long learning and inspiring growth are some of my values. We can replace old habits with news ones and look at eliminating any blocks that are in the way.


Is it now time to look at how to make the most of YOUR brave life abroad?

Do you want to discover how to feel at HOME, no matter where you live?


Are you someone who has reduced traditional SUPPORT mostly from now living abroad?


Is feeling deflated due to language barriers currently something you are experiencing?

Building that extension

 Coaching enables you to focus on you and grab hold of dreams, build from what you already have and connect to your inner-self. It also helps you to feel more confident, independent, responsible and ready to set goals.


Understand the benefit of working with a coach. It isn’t just for executives and athletes.

Would you like to face any challenges from the inside out?

Take stock of your old ways of doing things and transform them into new ways.

Join us here in the Inspiring Growth group