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Quietly amplify your life 


Speaking Up

Juggling responsibilities, having very little downtime, missing opportunities to express ourselves properly without bottling things up, leads to frustration or even worst a bubbling hot mess waiting to boil over.

Perhaps you’re someone who questions decisions or abilities and finds it hard to open up to others for support. Your confidence has taken a knock that stops you from being your authentic self and speaking up either in your work or private life.

And so you lie awake at night wondering what to do and hope there is a solution.

Navigating our way through challenging times needs a certain amount of faith, belief and taking action.  By taking action we can set goals which in turn allows us to become the person it takes to achieve them. This in turn creates new confidence and purpose.

Coaching was and still is used for top athletes, CEO’s and the elite.   Speaking out loud with someone who can guide, encourage and challenge you with frustrations, a lack of clarity or making a decision will help you find your own solutions.


 Super easy to lose especially when we’re not encouraged to speak our mind and people aren’t listening. When we lose confidence it can affect everything.

Energy in motion

Emotions like frustration, happiness, anger, excitement and low self-esteem rise and fall. Coaching takes you on a  journey and keeps you motivated through the fluctuations.

” I found Jane very supportive and flexible throughout all of our conversations. During my coaching sessions with Jane, we used different tools and I see that everything we did as being a very valuable step towards understanding my challenges. I am now continuing to develop successful strategies when addressing them.”






Discover the freedom to be you and love what you do by having that coaching conversation.


How important is this to you? Especially considering when we often have to jump over inequality, gender stereotypes, glass ceilings and societal expectations of being a good mum, wife, homemaker and carer.


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