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  Feeling stuck or confused about what direction your life should take?

Realise there is more to life and more to you?

Coaching is to used to guide, encourage and challendge you to take the initial steps towards doing what you want and being who you want to be.

 I work with women who

  • opt-in to create bigger shifts in their personal or professional lives
  • need to feel more of a balance between thriving at work and being a great mother
  • are ready to make decisions in their life about  what currently isn’t working
  • need direction and who want to minimize the stresses of making a tough decision

Encouraging brave uprooted women to get back on track and find their direction resulting in harmony.


” I found Jane very supportive and flexible throughout all of our conversations. During my coaching sessions with Jane, we used different tools and I see that everything we did as being a very valuable step towards understanding my challenges. I am now continuing to develop successful strategies when addressing them.”



This is where the change you want to make is found and setting a goal or target through gentle support and guiding you through a process happens.


Emotions like frustration, anger and low self-esteem rise and fall. Coaching takes you on a  journey and keeps you motivated through the fluctuations.


Is it now time to look at how to make the most of YOUR brave mid life?

Do you want to discover how to feel at HOME, no matter where you live?


Are you someone who has reduced traditional SUPPORT ?


Is feeling deflated due to language barriers currently something you are experiencing?


Once the goals are set an understanding of what needs to be done can be monitored and addressed. Providing the right amount of stretch and challenge support you here as Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Understand the benefit of working with a coach. It isn’t just for executives and athletes.

Would you like to face any challenges from the inside out?

Take stock of your old ways of doing things and transform them into new ways.

Join us here in the Inspiring Growth group